Activities in the area

Families with children, as well as people seeking active leisure time will enjoy their time spend in the surroundings of the SKI Hotel. The newly opened Tree Top Trail Krkonoše invites you to visit. For a well-deserved relaxation, an Aquacentrum with thermal water in Janské Lázně is a perfect place. Children will enjoy the zoo with safari in Dvůr Králové or the fairytale exhibition "Do Krakonošova" in Svoboda nad Úpou. 

Cable car to Černá hora

Year round, you can take advantage of a trip to Černá hora with cable car Černohorský Express from the station in Janské Lázně. It is the only 8-seated cable car that will get you to the height of 1 260 m above sea level where you can explore footpaths or cycling trails, go back down on scooters, respectively on sledges in winter, or visit local lookout tower and explore the biggest forest peatland called "Cernohorske raseliniste". Of course there is a rental of sports equipment at the lower and upper station of the cable car, as well as wide offer of refreshments. 

Tree Top Trail Krkonoše

Newly opened Trail in Janské Lázně is an attractive novelty of the Giant Mountains, which brings visitors to the local forests up to the high of 23 meters, but also to the underground, where the soil layer can be discovered. The trail reveals a colorful forest of the Giant Mountains from its roots to the crowns, and there are also some adrenaline stops (eg. slide ride). It is open every day all year round and is wheelchair accessible.

On scooter or sleigh from Černá hora

In the summer months, visitors of Černá hora can take advantage of the downhill ride on terrain scooters from the top of the mountain to Janské Lázně. There are two routes, up to 8 km long, offering an adrenaline experience for both adults and children. In the winter months, you can enjoy the sledge journey, 3.5 km long with an elevation of 560 meters, to which a sleigh drove 100 years ago. For even more adrenaline you can try night tobogganing.

Aquacentrum with thermal water in Janské Lázně

For proper relaxation, visit one of the oldest spa in Bohemia. The combination of thermal mineral water and the mountain climate has beneficial therapeutic effects. The Aquacentrum features a rehabilitation pool including massage and pearl beds, whirlpools, countercurrents, water curtains, etc. The facility also includes a Finnish sauna, steam sauna and a sun terrace with loungers. There is also an offer of massages and ozonotherapy. 

Fairy-tale Giant Mountains in Svoboda nad Upou

At the Tourist Information Center in Svoboda nad Úpou you can visit the exhibition "Do Krakonošova", which reveals the world of fairy-tale creatures. You will see, for example, a waterman from the river Úpa, elves, hells from the mines in Pec, the perches of Černý Důl, but also the lord of the mountains Krakonoš. You can also visit Trautenberg's room. There is a children's playroom with a café as well. 

Rudolf's festivities

Every year in the autumn, celebrations in Svoboda nad Upou are held in honor of Emperor Rudolf II, who promoted Svoboda to the city. Visitors to festivities can see fencing art, folk performances, crafts and taste a rich selection of refreshments. 

RetroPark SEJFY

The forest swimming pool in Mladé Buky is an ideal place for relaxation in the summer. A swimming pool of natural character includes a children's paddling pool. RetroPark offers also 3 sports playgrounds, a children's playground, snacks and more.

Relaxpark Pec

There is Relaxparc in Pec pod Sněžkou, where you can try a 700 meters long bobsleigh track at a with speed up to 40 km / h, the ride on the pulley or a lemur arena that offers children's jungle gym, adrenaline slides, trampolines and other attractions for children.

ZOO Dvůr Králové

The ZOO in Dvůr Králové offers its visitors a number of exhibitions and experiences with animals. There are, for example, a pavilion of beasts or gorillas, a bird world, an African savanna, and others. An unconventional experience offers local African safari with up to 200 animals, including eg. herds of African ungulates, as well as lions safari. The zoo is open every day, safari normally operates from May to September.

Farmapark Muchomůrka

Between Svoboda nad Úpou and Janske Lazne there is located the Farmhouse Muchomůrka, where children can enjoy natural game elements, a castle of straw bales, swings, Indian tennis, croquet, fireplace for roasting sausage, logs, grass, trees, animals and much more. For children, there is also the possibility to try a pony ride. The farmhouse is open from May to September.

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